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What Limits YOUR life? Your drawings hold the key...

Want to uncover blocks that keep you stuck?
Are you unable to move forward to the life you really want to live?

The power of your own drawings have the key. Let Karen Stabley help you reveal the messages from your unconscious through your drawings and finally: Art Therapy | Karen Stabley

  • Achieve your financial goals!
  • Release fear!
  • Build more successful relationships!
  • Overcome emotional blocks!

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If you're ready to overcome fear, resistance, and self-doubt once and for all, you'll also want to check out our life-changing products!

Attention Life Coaches

If you are a life coach or therapist find out how to enhance and build your practice by using imagery as an assessment and healing tool with your clients. My Visionary Life Coach program can help you "see beyond the words".

What Does Your Doodling Mean? - Watch WGAL YouTube
The Drawing Analyst provides art therapy programs through courses, books, and specialized art therapy counseling. Karen Stabley offers art therapy training and consultation services, as well as free art therapy activities and exercises to do in your own home.
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